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Chris Sawan is a licensed attorney, MBA and CPA which allows him to provide exceptional service to our clients across a range of practice areas.


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Dennis Sawan is a licensed attorney with a robust background interfacing with Courts making him a valuable asset for our clients

One thing that’s certain is that land is a finite resource. As with all finite resources, it will only become more valuable over a long enough time horizon. When you chose to make this investment, however, it is critical that you are getting the deal you think you’re getting. Property can be encumbered by ancient easements or equitable servitudes. The individual selling the property may not even have title to legally transfer to you as part of a real estate transaction. There may be material defects in the property. For these reasons and more, it is paramount that you retain the services of a skilled real estate attorney in Ohio to negotiate and oversee property related transactions.


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What to Expect When You Speak to a Real Estate Lawyer

The real estate lawyers at Sawan PLLC have years of professional experience dealing directly and intimately with real estate related legal matters. Our Ohio real estate attorneys have observed hundreds of hours of real estate related litigation. Seeing so many real estate transactions resort to litigation provides our team of real estate lawyers in Ohio with a unique perspective on how to avoid it by getting the deal right the first time. If you have a commercial or residential real estate transaction in Ohio pending, call the Ohio Real Estate Attorneys at Sawan PLLC today to protect your investment.

The first step is to speak with your real estate attorney so that we can better understand the transaction at hand or your legal needs. Understanding the history of the property, how it is to be conveyed and what you would like to accomplish are all important things for us to consider to begin to understand the unique facts underlying your case. It is really important that you hire an attorney if you are dealing with real estate because there are quite a few legal considerations involved. Even if you’re just considering a transaction, give us a call because we offer free consultations. Our free consultations are confidential and we are happy to field general questions.

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