Toledo Ohio Corporate Law Attorney

Toledo Ohio Corporate Law Attorneys

If you’re looking for a Toledo Ohio Corporate Law attorney, call Sawan PLLC today at 419-469-5002. As business attorneys, we understand that business have a variety of legal needs but it doesn’t always make sense to have an attorney on staff at all times. Especially nowadays, companies need a flexible arrangement with their corporate counsel where they can call on them when needed but not necessarily incur the tremendous expense of having legal staff employed by the business. We know what’s it like to be in this position and so we seek to be there when you need us at a fraction of the cost of employing counsel directly. 

While you may not need corporate counsel that many times in any given fiscal year, we encourage all of our corporate law clients to touch base with us regularly in order to make sure the business is taking the steps necessary to avoid costly legal problems in the future. We call this preventative law and our clients usually appreciate our foresight in helping them avoid runaway legal costs. As part of this preventative practice, we review documents, company policies, contracts, strategies and much more in order to have a holistic view of the potential legal risks or pitfalls your business may be exposed to. 


Christopher Sawan

Managing Partner

Chris Sawan is both a licensed attorney and a CPA which allows him to provide exceptional service to corporate law clients in Toledo, Ohio.


Dennis Sawan


Dennis Sawan is a licensed attorney with a robust background interfacing with Courts making him a valuable asset for corporate law clients in Toledo, Ohio.

What to Expect When You Speak to a Corporate Law Attorney

Most of our clients come to us when they have a specific transaction and require the assistance of an experience corporate law attorney to either review what has been drafted by the other party or have the documents themselves drafted. This usually will involve a face to face meeting at our office or your place of business to discuss the desired outcomes for the transactions and to conduct a due diligence process to ensure the transactions legal compliance. 

If you’re looking for an affordable corporate law attorney, call Sawan PLLC at 419-469-5002 to discuss with a partner from our firm. We represent clients in all kinds of corporate law matters and offer free consultations. 

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