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Toledo Ohio Bankruptcy Attorneys

If you’re looking for a Toledo Ohio Bankruptcy attorney, call Sawan PLLC today at 419-469-5002. As bankruptcy attorneys, we understand that it is quite common for people go through financial difficulties at some point in their life. Especially nowadays, people’s financial positions are particularly vulnerable to fluctuations in job markets, changing workplace requirements, and difficult unforeseen economic conditions or emergencies. Despite this, we all have bills that still come due. Sometimes it becomes too difficult to balance of these competing factors and you just need to reset your financial life.

Well that’s where the bankruptcy laws come in. Bankruptcy laws are federal laws that allow for people and entities to liquidate their assets, declare bankruptcy and discharge certain debts or re-organize their depts. If you’re considering bankruptcy, it is important to contact a bankruptcy lawyer in order to review your financial circumstances, discuss your legal options and provide legal advice to you based on your individual situation. Bankruptcy might just be the reset you’re looking for to get back on your feet and get a second chance at your financial life. If you’re just looking for more information, check out some of our articles below.


Christopher Sawan

Managing Partner

Chris Sawan is both a licensed attorney and a CPA which allows him to provide exceptional service to bankruptcy clients in Toledo, Ohio.


Dennis Sawan


Dennis Sawan is a licensed attorney with a robust background interfacing with Courts making him a valuable asset for bankruptcy clients in Toledo, Ohio.

What to Expect When You Speak to a Bankruptcy Lawyer

The first step in the bankruptcy filing process is to speak with your bankruptcy attorney. Understanding what debts you owe, what your financial circumstances are and what you would like to accomplish are all important things for us to consider to begin to understand the unique facts underlying your case. It is really important that you hire an attorney if you are going to file for bankruptcy. Even if you’re just considering it, give us a call because we offer free consultations. Our free consultations are confidential and we are happy to field general questions.

If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy and you live in Toledo, Ohio, call the bankruptcy attorneys at Sawan PLLC at 419-469-5002 to discuss your case. We represent clients that file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 in Toledo, Ohio before the Northern District of Ohio Bankruptcy Court.

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