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When it comes to franchising a business, there’s always a strong focus on how different states regulate franchise locations within their jurisdictions. Every state is different. While it is true that there’s overarching federal law governing the franchising business, state laws also apply. That means whatever state the franchised locations are in will have state law and administrative regulation that applies to franchising. The state of Michigan is no exception. There are a variety of laws, rules and regulations that apply specifically to franchises in Michigan. If you are franchising a business in Michigan, call us today at 419-469-5002 to discuss how we can help assist you with these legal requirements. 


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    Franchise Law in Michigan

    Michigan Franchise Investment Law

    The state of Michigan has its own statutory framework that deals with franchises in Michigan. This is found in Michigan’s Franchise Investment Law. The terms of these statutes are enforceable under Section 445.1536 which grants the authority to conduct investigations, require statements under oath, subpoena witnesses, and require document production to determine whether the laws have been violated or not. The laws further define the franchising relationship as it relates to franchises in Michigan as “written or oral arrangements between a franchisor and franchisee in connection with the offer or sale of a franchise.”

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