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Businesses of all sizes should have an attorney to assist them with general corporate and business legal needs. If you need a business lawyer, call Sawan PLLC today at 419-469-5002 for a free consultation. We are business lawyers with unique backgrounds and we represent businesses of all sizes in Ohio, Michigan and Florida. We’re business owners ourselves so we understand that businesses have a variety of legal needs. Even though there is a tremendous need for legal services, it isn’t always easy to find the right attorney. On top of that, hiring a business lawyer can be expensive and the fact is, whether or not you need legal services throughout the year is uncertain. That’s why we help businesses of all types and sizes meet their legal needs when they need them. We understand the need for flexibility and cost management. That’s why we offer legal services that adjust to our client’s needs. When our client’s need legal services, we make ourselves available and when they don’t, our flexible model helps to avoid tremendous expenses associated with having legal staff employed by the business on a full-time basis. Since we can strike that balance for our clients, we often are able to address legal needs at a fraction of the cost with the same attentiveness of in-house counsel. 


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Business Law

Business Formation

Whenever someone is planning on forming a new business, there are a variety of legal considerations involved. When formally starting a business, the process usually involves selecting an entity type that is provided legal status under state law. The state which the business will operate is typically the state where the business is formally created. Most states have laws that govern the formation of businesses. For example, the state might have a law on what names can be used, what forms need to be filed, and many other provisions of law governing the entity and its operations. It is really important that the entity gets formed correctly under the state law so we encourage everyone to give us a call for a free business law consultation at 419–4 69–5002.

How To Apply for a LLC

Limited Liability Companies are a commonly used business entity.

Contract Law

Contracts are fundamental to business operations. Everything from the original agreement between partners or shareholders to employment contracts involve contract law. The body of law that governs contract is expansive, complex and unique. There’s no subject quite like the law of contracts. There’s a range of well established rules – adopted by almost every state. On top of state statutes, however, there is typically an immense body of common law (judicial precedent) that creates a framework for how contracts will be treated. For business owners, they typically all have similar goals. They would like to have everything outlined in the contract as to their agreement and they would like all the parties to the agreement to honor it. As contracts lawyers, 

Intellectual Property

Business law involves a wide array of property rights. In the digital age, however, intellectual property has become very important as well. This includes copyrights, trademarks, patents and the management of intellectual property assets. While this typically is intertwined with contracts law (for example, with licensing), business owners and marketing managers similarly need to be well versed in the types of intellectual property and how each type is regulated. Lawyers can help file copyrights with the copyright office or file trademarks. With respect to intellectual property that is already registered, business owners typically need to have a contracts lawyer help with licensing, transferring and operations. We have a team of lawyers experienced in intellectual property management so give us a call today for a free initial consultation. 

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