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About Sawan PLLC

The Sawan brothers have combined experience practicing law and representing clients across a wide range of practice areas with a focus on partner access and affordability. When you hire us – you get us.  

Partner Access

When you hire our firm, you are hiring all of our partners as your attorneys. We work closely together on every case. Don't hire a lawyer and risk being pawned off on lower level staff. When you hire us - you get us.


Between our partners, we cover all the bases. Whether your legal issue involves corporate law, accounting, finance, business, real estate, liability management or anything else - someone on our team has the education and experience to back up our legal advice.


We understand legal fees can be expensive. That's why we try our best to provide the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost. Our pricing is transparent and we know we are competitive when it comes to your bottom line.


Chris Sawan

Managing Partner

Chris Sawan holds an MBA, Masters in Accounting and J.D. as well as a license to practice law in Ohio and Michigan.


Dennis Sawan


Dennis holds a J.D. as well as a license to practice law in Ohio and Florida.



We offer drafting, company formation, company operations, governance, transactions and general corporate counsel services.

Real Estate

We represent clients that are engaging in real estate transactions or managing real estate portfolios.


We represent individuals, families and businesses in Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.


We represent clients and their families to ensure their estate planning goals are reflected in their estate plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

A:In most cases, we charge an hourly rate comensurate with the level of complexity in the engagement. Our hourly rates range from $150 per hour to $300 per hour. In some cases, we will charge a flat fee based on our established rates.

A: Our main goal is ensuring that our clients obtain quality legal representation at an affordable cost. Because of this, we offer free consultations so you can talk through the process with us and make an informed decision as to whether you need legal counsel and what it might cost. 

A: In addition to the delineated practice areas on our website, we handle a wide range of cases. In most instances, a partner from our team would handle almost any legal matter. The best way to find out if we handle your case is to call us at 419-469-5002. 

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